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August 2014

Loading Dock Safety - Personal Protective Equipment
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It is every operator’s responsibility to make sure they have the proper Personal Protective Equipment or PPE in their truck to comply with customer requirements and properly protect themselves as much as possible from physical harm.

That means having the proper footwear, gloves, safety glasses, safety vests, ear plugs and a hard hat.

Many of our customers require certain protective equipment just to be able to enter their facility. They have safeguards in place to make sure that everyone on site - from employees to vendors - is properly protected. Never wear flip flops, sandals, clogs or go barefoot at a customer’s facility or dock. For that matter, you should never wear that kind of footwear anytime you are operating or around a truck. Some locations may have additional requirements such as long pants, long sleeve shirt or even ear protection.

Using a safety vest makes you more visible on freight docks and loading zones. Operators are frequently around forklifts, cherry pickers and other motorized equipment, so be careful not to walk around your trailer or truck without attention to your surroundings, and at the same make sure you are easily visible to those working around you.

Using your Personal Protective Equipment is just a smart way to do business, not only for our customers, but also for you the BCO!

For more information on PPE and customer requirements, go to under Safety and Customer requirements or contact: or 800-872-9496.