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November 2014

LSO & Customer Commitment to Safety
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Safety works best when it’s a team effort. At Landstar everyone gets involved – including independent agencies and customers through Landstar’s LSO and M.U.S.T. programs.

Every independent Landstar agency has a Landstar Safety Officer (LSO), who shares Landstar’s commitment to a safety-first culture. LSOs pledge to take ownership in the Landstar safety program and aim to prevent accidents and cargo loss through awareness by:
  • Ensuring that every load is dispatched in a safe and compliant manner following a Complete and Accurate Dispatch checklist
  • Attending Landstar Safety meetings and encouraging BCOs to do the same
  • Reducing agency accident and cargo claim frequency
  • Training and educating other agency staffers
More than 1,000 LSOs help keep Landstar an industry leader in safety.

Through the Landstar M.U.S.T. program or Mutual Understanding of Safety Together, Landstar safety representatives and customers can come together to ensure that freight is delivered safely, compliantly, damage-free and on time. This Landstar exclusive program can be customized to:
  • Help identify proper ways of securing freight
  • Eliminate potential accidents at a loading or unloading facilities
  • Identify causes of cargo damage
  • Keep customers updated on the latest regulatory issues
  • Provide safety statistics in evaluating freight carriers
  • Include participation in No-Zone and other community safety programs
With the M.U.S.T. program, Landstar and our valued customers can better understand each other’s safety perspective, raise our safety awareness, and lower accidents and cargo claims.

For more information, please contact: or 800-872-9496.