Landstar BCOs Featured on NBC Nightly News

On September 6, NBC Nightly News featured Landstar Business Capacity Owners (BCOs) in a segment titled, “Luxury Big Rigs: The First-Class of Truck Drivers.” Within the segment, NBC Nightly News featured big trucks that are “tricked out” for comfort on the road.

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Capacity concerns challenge industry

It’s a problem that has haunted the trucking industry for years; who will be in the driver’s seat when the oldest generation of owner-operators retire? There’s a shortage of truck drivers in America and a recent white paper analysis from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), details the severity of the problem.

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Safety Thursday: Speed and Space Management

Speed and space management are two critical components to safety on the road. Speed management, means knowing how fast you are driving and space management helps to prevent any rear-end collisions on the road.

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