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Introducing the Chief Executive's Circle Class of 2022

Owning a business is a huge undertaking, and the lessons learned along the way are invaluable. Members from the Chief Executive's Circle Class of 2022 share what they have learned from being a Landstar agent for a decade or more.

One way Landstar recognizes an agent’s success is through the Landstar’s Chief Executive's Circle (CEC). To be inducted into the CEC, agents must have generated a minimum of $40 million in Landstar revenue over 10 or more consecutive years. To be recognized at the CEC Gold Level, agents must have generated a minimum of $125 million in Landstar revenue and have been a part of the Landstar network for at least 15 consecutive years.

Build Strong Relationships with Customers and Capacity

“I knew I made it as a successful Landstar agent when customers started asking me for advice and project planning. It’s one thing to give a customer a price. It is
a whole different accomplishment for a customer to come to you for solutions.” 

Scott Batykefer
Sweetwater Express
Sewickley, Pennsylvania




“My key to success is to work in unison with drivers and clients to ensure epic service to both – I am
truly blessed to have both!”

Rob Johnston
The Production Network
Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Business Practices That Stand the Test of Time

“Work hard and lead by example with integrity
and honesty.”

Mitzi Baker
B & B Transportation
Burlington, Kentucky




“The key to my success as a Landstar agent is always sticking to the way I was raised – work with honesty
and integrity.”

Nick Cox
JNM Transportation
Surprise, Arizona




“Two keys to my success – a hard work ethic and a loyal staff. My personal goal is to have my kids take
over what my dad started.”

Rob Edwards
Edwards Logistics
Ottawa, Ohio




 “We credit our father with our success, and have built our agency on his words, ‘Do what you say!’”

Fred Otterbein, Jr. and Matt Otterbein
Container Marketing
North Charleston, South Carolina




“My key to success is being methodical – do it the same way every time. If one person is busy, another
can understand where they were in the process and finish it quickly and correctly. This allows us to handle more freight and more revenue per person.”

Jim Ruggles, Gold Level
Ruggles Transport, Inc.
Carrollton, Illinois




“Make every customer feel like they are the ONLY customer.”

Steve Smith, Sr.
Apex Logistics, LLC
Phoenix, Arizona


Trust Your Support Team

“The key to my success is having great people to work with.”

Jamie Gwynn, Jr., Gold Level
Gwynn Logistics, LLC
Frisco, Texas





“Never give up. My agency wouldn’t be successful without the support of my family and my incredible staff.”

Wes Johnston, Jr.
Colleyville, Texas




“I knew I had made it as a successful Landstar agent when I received the email congratulating me on the Chief Executive’s Circle. Honestly, I come back to my employees. They make the agency a success.”

Chris McFadden
McFadden Group, LLC
Cedar Hill, Texas

Taking on the Next Challenge

“I think we will continue to see a drop in demand and in return a drop in rates. To be successful in 2023, be prepared to ride it out and accept lower profit margins.
Be competitive in the bidding process and, most importantly, maintain customer relationships.”

Lisa Harrington, Gold Level
Moore Transportation Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina




“Capacity and pricing is always a challenge, but it’s especially challenging right now. Our goal is to stay educated and try to stay in front of the changing industry.”

Tony Lay
Triple C Logistics, Inc.
Walton, Kentucky




“My key to success is maintaining the ability to change with all the industry challenges and remain dedicated to providing good customer service.”

Marsha Persinger
Equipco Logistics
Marion, Ohio




“Keep moving forward! In the current market, forward momentum, at times, will be your only friend. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and never settle.”

James Rutledge
Hold Strong Logistics
Ramona, California

Chief Executive's Circle Class of 2022 Inductees

  • Gene Ashley
  • Mitzi Baker
  • Scott Batykefer
  • Randall Boud
  • Nicholas Cox
  • Rob Edwards
  • Rob Johnston
  • Wes Johnston
  • Christian Krogh
  • Tony Lay
  • Chris McFadden
  • Fred Otterbein, IV & Matt Otterbein
  • Marsha Persinger
  • James Rutledge
  • Stephen Smith
  • Elaine Snyder

Gold Level Inductees

  • Dennis Brannon, Jr.
  • Janice Daniel
  • Jamie Gwynn
  • Lisa Harrington
  • Brian Nickerson
  • Jim Ruggles
  • Robert Strauser



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