Landstar Honors 2007 Class of Million Mile Safe Drivers

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Jacksonville, Florida – (NASDAQ: LSTR) Landstar System, Inc., a safety-first non-asset-based provider of transportation and logistics services, has recognized 116 men and women for their outstanding safety records and professionalism behind the wheel.

The business capacity owners (BCOs) were honored as Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers at a recent awards banquet in Jacksonville. BCO is Landstar’s term for the independent contractors who provide the company with transportation capacity under exclusive lease arrangements.

Collectively, these 116 BCOs have safely driven a total of 126 million miles – a distance that would cover the 4 million miles of public roads in the United States nearly 32 times. On average, it takes a truck operator 10 years to travel a million miles. The distance would take the typical driver of a passenger vehicle 67 years – around the time of their 83rd birthday – to complete.

Leading the 2007 class are 10 BCOs who have reached 2 million miles without a preventable accident. Included in that group are Larry Allison of Amarillo, Texas; Samuel Betlyon of Burnham, Pennsylvania; Harry Brawdy of North Collins, New York; Mitchell Daniels of Pomona, Missouri; Verne Daves of New Windsor, Illinois; William Harrier of Canal Winchester, Ohio; Keith McClain of Lolo, Montana; John Wayne McCrary of Pulaski, Tennessee; Gene Roth of New Effington, South Dakota, and Darrel Sieben of Lampe, Missouri.

In addition, 106 BCOs were honored for driving 1 million consecutive miles without an accident or freight claim. Among that group, team drivers Terry and Charlene Hemmingson of Sutton, Nebraska, are the first husband and wife team to be inducted as Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers in the same year.

“These BCOs choose to put safety first every time they get behind the wheel,” said Landstar President and CEO Henry Gerkens, “Therefore, Landstar chooses to honor them, not only for their outstanding safety records and skills, but also for their dedication. We’re proud to be associated with such accomplished professionals.”

The 116 BCOs represent Landstar’s largest class of Million Mile Safe Drivers and bring the total number of active BCOs who have earned the Million Miler title to 586. The complete list of 2007 Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers is also available on www.landstar.com.

About Landstar

Landstar System, Inc. delivers safe, specialized transportation and logistics services to a broad range of customers worldwide. The Company identifies and fulfills shippers’ needs through the coordination of individual businesses comprised of independent sales agents and third-party transportation capacity providers. Landstar's carrier group, which is comprised of Landstar Express America, Inc., Landstar Gemini, Inc., Landstar Inway, Inc., Landstar Ligon, Inc., Landstar Ranger, Inc. and Landstar Carrier Services, Inc., delivers excellence in complete over-the-road transportation services. Landstar Global Logistics, Inc. is a third party logistics company, providing international and domestic multimodal (over-the-road, air, ocean and rail) transportation, contract logistics and warehousing services. All Landstar operating companies are certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system standards. Landstar System, Inc. is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Its common stock trades on The NASDAQ Stock Market® under the symbol LSTR.


Lynn Cabaniss, Hazel Green

George Castle, Eclectic

Ralph Limbaugh, Irondale

Kenneth Quick, Oxford

James Sanders, Bay Minette

David Zelsdorf, Boaz


Albert Louis Bartlett, Oracle

Benjamin Heddendorp, Picacho

Patricia Humphrey, Tucson

James Johnson, Tonopah

Anthony Pineda, Phoenix


James Short, Bella Vista


Patrick Margis, Hemet

Jose Antonio Tovar, Long Beach


Donald Drainville, Bunnell

John Hickson Jr., Miami

Richard Reese, Gainesville

Richard Vlasz, Palmetto


Johnny King, Waco

Anthony Nelson, Stone Mountain


Tommy Lester Ritter, Belle Plaine


Verne Daves, New Windsor - 2 Million Miler

James Heilig, Antioch

Gerald Norvell, Rockford


Roy Baker, Greensburg

Norman Gibson, Greenfield

Carl Mason, Gaston

William Schroeder, Trafalgar

Steven Sims, Fountain City


Larry Kogl, Atwood


Stephen Burgess, Hopkinsville

James Leigh, Columbia

Michael Sills, Springfield

Jeffrey Whitt, Somerset


Raymond Finlay, Saco

Scott Hayes, Greenwood

Tom Johnston, Blaine

Joseph Westleigh, Woolwich


Peter Wood, Shelburne Falls


Larry Beldock, Imlay City

William Brubacher, Brutus

Rodney Kuhns, Newaygo

Al Sidell, Monroe

Edward Siders, Romulus

Thomas Simmons, Utica


Bradley Enter, Nicollet


Thomas Kyle, Columbus


Lonnie Daniels, Mountain View

Mitchell Daniels, Pomona - 2 Million Miler

James Holland, Fulton

Floyd David Lyons, Fulton

Darrel Sieben, Lampe - 2 Million Miler

Brian Simpson, Alton

Leonard Thomas, Eldridge


Keith McClain, Lolo - 2 Million Miler


Charlene Hemmingson, Sutton

Terry Hemmingson, Sutton

Jack Millard, Grand Island


William Ruch, Las Vegas

New Hampshire

Mark Caine, Bristol

New Jersey

Terrance Lang, Wanamassa

Louis Toth, Egg Habor Township

New York

Harry Brawdy, North Collins - 2 Million Miler

Dennis Capria, Brewerton

Gerald Jeffords, Ransomville

Robert Krencik, North Collins

Robert Sanko, Liverpool

North Carolina

Willie Branch, Watha

Dennis Dishner, Asheville

James Griffin, King

Charles Noon, Stony Point

Earl Spradling, Albemarle


John Adams, New Concord

Ronald Fekety, Boardman

William D. Harrier, Canal Winchester - 2 Million Miler

Steven Miller, Dayton

John Niese, Ottawa

Altha Robinson, Bedford Heights

Dan Stockwell, Cable


Bob Hinchey, Bennington

Joseph Kraft, Muskogee


Richard Peine, Irrigon


Samuel Betlyon, Burnham - 2 Million Miler

Glenn Englert, Polk

Christopher Long, New Florence

South Carolina

George Phillips, Florence

Perry Stephens, Columbia

South Dakota

Gene Roth, New Effington - 2 Million Miler


Raymond Bauer, McMinnville

James Brown, Kingsport

Bobby Jack Johnson, Mountain City

Preston Limbaugh, Lawrenceburg

John Wayne McCrary, Pulaski - 2 Million Miler


Larry Allison, Amarillo - 2 Million Miler

James Basham, Livingston

David Chapman, Carlton

David Chavis, Red Oak

Gene Autry Crawford, Killeen

John Hancock, Buna

James Ovens, Cibolo

William Stewart, Roanoke

Benjamin Taylor, Van Horn

Merril Van Der Schaaf, Pattonville


Dan Charles Leidal, East Carbon

William Mitchell, West Jordan

Garland Duane Porter, East Carbon


Frankie Hill, Galax

Lewis Jackson, Keysville

Walter Thompson, Evergreen

West Virginia

Jimmy Lee Terry, Princeton


Ronald Roth, Reeseville


Alan Gosnell, Calgary, Alberta

Paul Fontaine, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Roman Markiewicz, Mississauga, Ontario

John McKenzie, Harcourt, Ontario

Abram Peters, London, Ontario