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Awarding Exceptional Service

January & February 2021 Star of Quality Recipients

The impact of storms across North America this winter put millions of people, including members of the Landstar network, in dangerous weather-related situations. For helping fellow motorists and supporting each other in the wake of severe storms, the exceptional actions of several members of the Landstar network earned them each Landstar Star of Quality awards.

Each month, deserving independent business capacity owners (BCOs) and independent freight agents earn Star of Quality awards which recognize extra efforts and individual dedication to service.

When Landstar BCO Dewayne Walker saw a woman and her two young children stranded in bitter cold temperatures at a truck stop in North Dakota, he didn’t hesitate to offer help. Walker’s actions earned the BCO the Platinum Star of Quality, awarded in exceptional circumstances, intended for those who are faced with a life and death situation.

Without knowing Walker’s name, the motorist emailed Landstar about the independent owner-operator who saved her family on a freezing night in February 2021 when her car wouldn’t start. The female motorist wrote, “It was -37 degrees. I had my two daughters with me – 3 years old and 18 months – and we were more or less freezing. The driver offered for me and my daughters to sit in his truck so we could warm up while he tried to get my car to start. He fed us dinner and let us sleep in his bed to stay warm while he slept in the driver seat.”

Walker, who realized the fuel in the woman’s car had jelled up with the cold temperatures, bought an additive from the truck stop the next morning and poured it into the fuel tank. He made breakfast for the family, then worked on the fuel filter until the car started.

“I tried to pay him,” she wrote, “but he looked at me and said ‘No ma’am – that’s not how this industry works.’”

It was a fellow independent business capacity owner who needed Landstar BCO Cliff Thompson’s help after a breakdown during a storm in Texas. Landstar BCO Jeff Forb’s truck wouldn’t start at a receiver site in February when inclement weather and record low temperatures caused power outages in the area.  

With Forb in danger of freezing in his truck, Thompson offered his fellow BCO a place in his truck to stay warm for the night. After learning about Thompson’s kindness, a Landstar employee in the night operations department nominated him to receive a Star of Quality Award.

“When it was safe, Cliff even delivered the other BCO’s load. This type of humanity and empathy is something we are so short on in this world. His offer showed true compassion and caring for his fellow man/driver, and for this act of generosity I nominate him for a Star of Quality Award. If I could give him more, I would. I am truly humbled by his kindness.”

  • Lysa Hannum, Night Operations Coordinator

Congratulations to all of the Star of Quality Award recipients during January and February 2021.



Dewayne Walker*

*Landstar’s Platinum Star of Quality Award is only given in exceptional circumstances, intended for Landstar Heroes of the Highway who are faced with a life or death situation.


Robert Francis Barnard*, Paul E. Davis*, Renette Diede, Michael Erb, Lisa Evan*, Stephanie Garnhart*, Ronnie Haddan*, Wendy Hull, Rob Johnson*, Linda Kennedy*, Murray Kennedy*, Cathy Kieger, Lloyd Edward Lampman*, Beverly Ledgerwood, Gary Medley*, Anthony T. Mitchell*, Ray Russell Parker, Jeremiah Powers, Linda Scheel*, Zenoviu O. Sirbu*, Jim Smith*, Kjerstyn Thomas*, Rod J. Timmer*, Mike Thompson, Lewis B. Walker Jr., Donald H. Wood* 

*Recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Korey Dion Allen, Cletus Dwayne Byler, Stephen J. Campbell, Tammy Clark, Tim Devoe, Frank Leonard Domako, James Duke, Brandon L. Estep, Daniel Gaudrea, Gustavo E. Gonzalez-Quiroz, Kathy Hoke, Normand L. LaPointe, Jackie Magee, Carrie Mann, Samuel A. Montoya, Thomas Mowry, Lyon Newsom III, Dave Nixon, Tony Pennello, Steven David Pestor, Georgiane Ann Plummer, Michael D. Slagle, Judy Steiner, Becky Stoball, Joshua D. Whitecloud 


Mike Anderson, Jeffrey S. Arthur, Steven Barrett, Vincent Bascone, Brian Beach, Maria Been, Lyman R. Bernard, Humberto Mojica Cano, William Andrew Capps, Michael F. Card, Lindsi Childers, Chad Collins, Michael Daniel, Dennis Lee Davidson, Michael David, Rasheam D. Davis, Jim Dolan, Brandon L. Estep, Jon Fairbanks, Robert McNeely Fulcher, Luis Bautista Gil, Tobias Goodwin Sr., Michael Glynn Greer, Bradley A. Haga, Shawn Brian Hall, Paul Hegarty, Brian Heistand, Jared Lowell Herl, Marc Horton, Heather Marie Hutchens, Jason Allen Hutchens, Linda Janzen, Joseph Demetrius Johnson, Jeremy P. Julian, Robert B. Kasye, Mark Lambert, Jean Louise LeBlanc, Donnie Ledgerwood, Dietrich Letkeman, Carroll L. Lipper, Guy Lovan, Ricky L. Mann, John J. Mather, Douglas G. Miller, Sabra Odom, Dora Overend, Jonathon David Patterson, Jenn Peterson, Adam Reagan, Kerwin Miles Reed, Jimmy Reese, Robert Leland Reid, Joe Rinehart, Nicolas Roderic, Mark Christopher Rowland, John Sabol, Rosa Hilda Santos, Dino Saracevic, Bobby Schlieske, Brian James Schnipke, Russell Lee Shannon, Julie Shollenberger, Patty Short, Shawn Snedden, Gregory Scott Spitzer, Judy Steiner, Jess Steward, Michael Swift, Clifton G. Thompson, Ralph Edward Tickle, Victor German Trejo, Jody Valvo, Rebecca Vasquez, Joshua D. Whitecloud, Reginald Paul Wilson, Bil Wright

*Business Capacity Owner (BCO) is Landstar’s term for independent truck owner-operators with exclusive lease agreements.

If you would like to nominate a member of the Landstar network for a Landstar Star of Quality Award, send an email to



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