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Business Strategies from Landstar Roadstar® Honorees

As one of the highest honors for Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs), the Roadstar® award is reserved for the independent owner-operators considered to be exceptional at customer service and, productive and profitable in all aspects of operating his or her business.

Each of the Landstar Roadstar honorees are independent owner-operators leased to Landstar who:

  • Have earned status as a Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver
  • Set an example for other owner-operators by adhering to DOT regulations and supporting the Landstar safety culture
  • Have a positive attitude during interactions with customers, agents and employees
  • Produce significant revenue

We asked members of the Roadstar Class of 2019 to share their strategies for dealing with shifts in business and the economy. 

Jose Cruz | Leased on: 2005 | McKinney, Texas

“To save money during tough times or any time, make your own meals on the road. It’s not only healthier, but it saves time and a lot of money.”

Kenneth Dillon | Leased on: 1995 | Clearfield, Kentucky

“Always keep a ‘rainy day’ fund. I didn’t work from May through June, so my ‘rainy day fund’ was helpful. When work is good, save the money. Always have options. I have a stepdeck trailer and a double drop trailer, which gives me several options and more opportunity to pick loads.”

Robert Haas | Leased on: 2006 | Jacksonville, Florida

“If I am out of my normal routines, I use the LandstarOne app to find loads. When spending money, prioritize between wants and needs. Focus on what you need first. Don’t fix cosmetic problems if there are more urgent needs.”

John Highley | Leased on: 2002 | Park Hills, Missouri

“Always know your cost of operations, don’t work below your minimums, set your escrow contribution to the max and live on what’s left over. Just a month before the coronavirus disease impacted the country, I put a lift gate on my trailer to service a customer. Unfortunately, that customer was severely impacted by the virus, but having the gate has opened up numerous other opportunities for me.”

Leslie Johnson | Leased on: 1996 | Abingdon, Virginia

“Keep in touch with agents for opportunities. I work with agents who I have worked with in the past and look for freight that hasn’t been impacted by the shutdown.”

Dwight McGrew | Leased on: 2008 | Manning, South Carolina

“Be patient and choose wisely on loads that will increase revenue. Talk with other BCOs who have been here at our company more than five years. Act professional and courteous. When I get to the customer, I proudly let them know I represent Landstar and we sell service and we treat their freight like it’s our own. Once I have completed my run, I always call the agent to let them know I safely delivered the freight on or before the time that was expected.”

William Ragland | Leased on: 2001 | Tunas, Missouri

“I keep track of my operating costs and do regular maintenance on my truck. Staying in touch with agents and customers is always the best way to stay loaded.”

Lisa Ringelstetter | Leased on: 1998 | Plain, Wisconsin

“We have continued to practice money-saving methods throughout the crisis by keeping stocked with food that we can prepare in the truck. Also, buying truck products at big box stores to avoid the high markup at truck stops and convenience stores.”

Delinda Schumacher | Leased on: 2002 | Cambridge, Minnesota

“Be as diversified as possible and always do preventative maintenance. When you maintain a safe operation, you spend less time in the shop and more time on the road. It’s a win-win.”

Helen Stonesifer | Leased on: 1999 | Nunn, Colorado

“Communicate with agents and customers, and remember to think of the little things when it comes to saving time and money – not idling your truck is a huge money saver.”

Lloyd Tubbs | Leased on: 2003 | Friendship, Wisconsin

“To keep my truck loaded during COVID-19, or any downturn, I concentrate on what products are needed - food, household products, hygiene and medical supplies, etc. I aggressively use ALL tools available to us like Load Alerts and Lane Match, and tools that weren’t available to us in the ‘old days’!

Have a ‘short list’ and ‘long list’ of spending and mechanical upgrades needed. Spend money as needed but ask yourself what’s necessary now and what can wait. But, at the same time, and if you can afford to take a little more time off due to lower freight volumes, this is the time to do some upgrades and maintenance so you’re ready when the upturn comes... and it will come! In my 30+ years in trucking, the one constant is a cycle of downturns and upticks, just the variables are different!”

William Watkins | Leased on: 2000 | White, Georgia

“I lowered my speed by an average of just over 7 miles per hour, which in turn saves me on fuel cost. I do the majority of maintenance on my equipment. I hardly ever go out to eat anymore. I drink more water rather than anything else. I found that doing all this has saved me, on average, $465 per week or roughly $2,000 per month.”

Stacy Yoder | Leased on: 2008 | Elkhart, Indiana

“Stay in contact with agents. Once we take a load, we are on the phone with agents letting them know we are headed to their specific area. Always try to stay one load ahead.”

Also inducted into the Class of 2019 Roadstars is: Linda Short | Leased on: 2000 | Winchester, Kentucky 



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