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Going All In Internationally

Well known as a transportation solutions provider in North America, Landstar also is making a name for itself with its global logistics services. Whether by air, land or sea, Landstar and its independent agents can facilitate freight and cargo movement around the world.

“International customers working with agents in Landstar’s network have the benefit of our resources, support and financial backing,” says Landstar Vice President of International Services Alberto Maldonado. “We can provide complete transportation solutions, from air and ocean to truck and rail. Most freight forwarders can’t offer that.”

As part of the Landstar network, independent agents have access to Landstar’s contracted rates with major ocean shipping lines and discounts with certain airlines. Landstar also extends credit for air charters, which allows agents to book these services without having to pay for them upfront. Agents can leverage the executive relationships Landstar has with major companies, including shipping lines and shippers, and businesses around the world to find the right transportation solution for any customer.

“Landstar agents truly have a competitive edge with our independent agent model – flexibility, independence, and a support team that knows how to help businesses succeed,” says Maldonado. “We provide an amazing breadth of services while still allowing agents to run their businesses as independent entrepreneurs and focus on their customers.”

All In Logistics Solutions Goes All In With Landstar

Less than a year after opening All In Logistics Solutions, an independent Landstar agency, co-agents Ryan Huntley and Onder Bahadirli are rapidly growing their international logistics business by pairing hard work with support from the Landstar network.

Huntley and Bahadirli met while working in the global logistics industry. As colleagues, they grew to respect each other professionally and soon became friends. After several years of working together, they decided to branch out and start their own business focused on international customers and freight. With their previous global logistics experience and contacts, the entrepreneurs hit the ground running, moving freight on just their second day as independent Landstar agents. Currently, about 95% of their business is with international customers.

“We did our homework,” Huntley says. “It took more than a year of investigating our options with logistics companies before we chose Landstar. We wanted to be as buttoned-up as we could to start a new business, and we knew we wanted to be somewhere that had good support for our international business focus and major growth opportunities. Landstar fit the bill.”

The two credit the services and opportunities available through Landstar for helping them get started quickly and effectively. “The help from Landstar’s corporate team has been amazing,” Bahadirli says. “We’ve found that Landstar is large enough to be incredibly effective, yet small enough to still provide one-on-one support. To be able to create a business for ourselves, without limiting how much we could grow – that’s why we joined Landstar.”

Hands-On Support

Landstar Executive Vice President, Southern Field Division Justin Norman and his team worked with All In Logistics Solutions when the agency launched. Norman says the goal with every incoming agency is to have a smooth transition, to help new agents understand the network and how to best use it to their advantage.

“Everyone gets the same hands-on assistance – it doesn’t matter whether the agency is large or small,” Norman says. “It’s important to understand what services each agent wants to provide, so we can set them up with the right corporate support immediately. We help them learn how to work with our system and with other independent freight agents in the Landstar network.”

For All In Logistics Solutions that means using Landstar’s network to coordinate international shipping, intermodal shipping, ocean and air, LTL, heavy haul – and make it work seamlessly for an agency with offices on both coasts.

“Right now, I’m working out of Florida and Onder is in California,” Huntley says. “That Landstar’s operations technology is completely online has made working from anywhere easy. The online system is practical, flexible, and keeps us moving forward fast. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Norman agrees. “There’s a lot to manage in owning an independent business, and it’s easy to get bogged down trying to manage the details, especially when working remotely. Thanks to our unique set of online tools, Landstar independent agents have the freedom to sell whatever transportation services they choose, from wherever they are. And, they have direct access to an amazing network of resources.”

“Landstar’s tools have made it possible for us to quickly and successfully grow our business,” Bahadirli says.

“Landstar’s support saves us time and allows us to focus on business goals like finding and retaining customers, and moving additional freight – meaning more money. The opportunity for growth is why we joined Landstar.”

“We want every agent to be successful, and we’re here to help agents be successful,” Norman says. All In Logistics Solutions plans to do just that. They’re currently adding additional employees and finding new ways to grow their international freight business.

“We’ll take it as far as we can go,” Huntley adds, “With the support and tools available through Landstar, the sky’s the limit!”



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