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Landstar Announces 174 New Million Mile Safe Driver and Roadstar® Honorees

Landstar System, Inc., a worldwide, asset-light provider of integrated transportation management solutions delivering safe, specialized transportation services, is pleased to announce its Class of 2020 Million Mile Safe Driver and Roadstar® honorees.

This year Landstar is celebrating 174 business capacity owners (BCOs) for their safety records and professionalism behind the wheel. BCO is Landstar’s term for an independent owner-operator who provides transportation capacity to a Landstar motor carrier under an exclusive lease agreement.

The Class of 2020 safe drivers is comprised of 142 new One Million Mile Safe Drivers, 16 new Two Million Mile Safe Drivers and five new Three Million Mile Safe Drivers. Each of the owner-operators has driven at least one million consecutive miles without a preventable accident.

Of Landstar’s more than 1,100 active Million Mile Safe Drivers, including those inducted in this class, 14 individuals were recognized this month for earning the Roadstar® distinction. The Roadstar designation is one of Landstar’s highest honors for truck owner-operators awarded to the “best of the best” on their high levels of safety, productivity and excellence in customer service. Landstar began presenting the Roadstar award in 1990.

“Landstar is proud to showcase the 2020 Class of Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers and Roadstar honorees as the industry’s best. Their skill and dedication to their profession makes the roads safer for all of us,” said Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni. “Landstar Roadstar recipients raise the bar for the entire trucking industry and their dedication to service excellence has earned them the right to be called the most elite independent business capacity owners at Landstar.”

The Class of 2020 Roadstar® recipients:

John Ard, Kenneth Boggess, Willie Branch, Jewell Daft, Mark Davis, Ed Godfrey, Merrill Jones, Benjamin Kohler, Jay Nelson, Richard Poole, Barry Stoner, Audrey Stowers, Lisa Tinnel, Ruben Vasquez

The Class of 2020 Million Mile Safe Drivers:

Three Million Mile Safe Drivers:

Damon Davis, Antonio Garza, Jim Kepner, Anthony Nelson, Dale Reuman

Two Million Mile Safe Drivers:

Daniel Alkire, Jerry Coffey, Gary Denham, Fred Green, Billy Hatley, Denis Knight, Pedro Lara, Jay Moore, Daniel Perez, Edin Sagastume, Jessie Saylor, Willie Seals, Danny Trull, Lloyd Tubbs, Raul Vazquez, Charles Warren

One Million Mile Safe Drivers:

John Adams, Hector Andrades, Victor Arguello, Joseph Barbier, Belmin Begic, Larry Bell, Zenon Bialkowski, Tom Blinn, Donal Bolinger, Bobby Bonasse, Jivko Borov, Gary Bosher, Ricky Boyden, Calvin Brown, Derrick Brown, Jason Brown, Warren Brown, Bert Burns, Sr., Cletus Byler, James Caldwell, Gil Campechano, Constance Carter, Mario Castillo, Rodolfo Cervantes, Robert Chaney, Eugene Clerk, Jerry Collins, Scott Cross, Michael Cwikiel, Alfred Czerwinski, Jewell Daft, Ray Davis, Howard DeGraff, Gregory Dempsey, Kenneth Denzer, David Eckert, Jose Favela, Armando Ferrer, Peter Ferrer, Ian Forbes, Luis Galban, Scott Gargano, Alfredo Garza, William Gill, Roldan Gonzalez, Ruben Gonzalez Casillas, TL Green, Danut Grosu, Allan Guimond, Miguel Gutierrez, Raphael Hall, Kenneth Hamman, Gary Harper, Ron Harris, Eduardo Herrera, Micky Hill, Robert Hill, Duane Hood, Daniel Horner, Ronald Howard, Wallace Humphrey, Jay Jagers, Mujo Jakupovic, Kelvin James, Jewel Jenkins, Carthy Joseph, Shane Keaton, Susan Kemp, Brian Kimbley, Chuck Kirby, Peter Kohl, Adam Koly, Dimitry Latushka, Gary Laybourn, James Leatherman, Michael Leek, Tony Lemons, Bradley Lewis, Jesus Lopez, Timothy Loreman, Diosdado Lozano, Jose Maldonado, Patrick Martin, Jairo Martinez, Raul Martinez, Rose Maynord, Thomas McGuire, Alfredo Medrano, Jr., Carle Metcalf, Predrag Mijatovic, William Miller, Malcolm Moore, Jesus Moreno, Timothy Moser, James Motes, Regina Otto, Dennis Palek, John Parrent, Curtis Parry, Sergio Patino, Joshua Pearson, John Plummer, Mark Prout, Lansing Reed, Donald Revels, Jr., Ronald Ricks, Robert Ritchie, Steve Roberts, Ricky Robertson, Omar Rodriguez, Richard Rukstalis, II, Carlos Sanchez, Randall Sargent, Larry Scoggins, Jeffrey Seeden, Siguryon Sigurdson, Terry Silversmith, Paul Smith, Robert Solgot, Daniel Soto, Corey Stennett, Michael Stewart, Barry Stoner, Angela Surette, Eric Swearns, Lisa Tinnel, Marvin Turnmire, Jr., Timothy Upchurch, Juan Urbina, Troy Van Natta, Ronald Vining, Loyle Waller, Bruce Wallesch, Phillip Walling, Joshua Whitaker, Tim White, Shawn Whitman, James Winton, Raymond Workman, III, Ronald Worthington, Larry Yarborough, Kenneth Young



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