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How the Landstar Network Was Built to Deliver

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With over 30 years of unparalleled service, Landstar knows from experience that when we move a shipper’s freight, we’re not just transporting products. We’re taking their business, mission and values along with us. This is how the Landstar network was designed to respond and built to deliver.

We have a unique business model.

Landstar’s business model is one-of-a-kind within our industry. Our model is designed to help businesses flourish by supporting members of the Landstar network who each have a vested interest in providing customers with best-in-class service. Our freight agents and capacity providers are all independent business owners who operate under the Landstar umbrella. These entrepreneurs have the independence to run their businesses as they choose all while being supported by a reputable brand.

Our independent agents are the face of Landstar and work with customers to find the right solutions to their logistics challenges. Freight agencies coordinate transportation plans, secure capacity and serve as the main point-of-contact for the shipper. Landstar assists agents with back-office administrative support of credit processing and billing administration, additional available expertise with cargo of all sizes, and access to a large capacity network of independent owner-operators and third-party carriers.

But, did you know that Landstar doesn’t own a single truck? Landstar’s network of capacity providers lease their trucks or small fleets to Landstar. These truck owner-operators have the freedom to choose when, where and what they want to haul – which is likely the reason why Landstar has one of the lowest driver turnover rates in the industry. As members of the network, these capacity providers have access to thousands of loads to choose from, purchasing programs and the backing of an industry leader committed to their success.

Landstar technology supports agents, owner-operators and customers.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, Landstar has developed proprietary technology to make sure we remain at the forefront of the industry. We have a variety of tools that all independent owner-operators and freight agents in our network have access to, enabling us to deliver the best solutions to the shippers we work with.

Agent Analytics: Because freight agency owners have access to customer-specific data with Landstar’s agent analytics, they are prepared to forecast trends and plan accordingly to meet the unique needs of each customer. Overall, this tool allows agents to manage their businesses better with the use of up-to-date data and graphs showcasing their accounts, revenue, productivity and predictive analysis.

Pricing Tools: The quicker a freight agent can quote a customer on an upcoming shipment, the more time there is to dedicate to coordinating the safe delivery of the freight. Data scientists helped develop Landstar’s pricing tools, our proprietary technology that integrates historical and real-time Landstar pricing data with additional outside data. Pricing tools enable agents to react faster to emerging market trends and provide their customers with a quote quickly.

Landstar Maximizer®: This tool encourages owner-operators to book multiple loads at a time consequently opening up the capacity options for shippers. The benefit to owner-operators for using this mobile app is that they are able to find the best combination of back-to-back available loads for themselves, creating options for multi-leg, full-week runs.

Load Alerts®: Load Alerts® eases the concerns of customers with shipments that need to be picked up quickly. Capacity providers create a profile with specific details, including lanes and rates, of the types of loads they want to haul. An instant notification is sent to the truck operator when a load appears on the load board that matches the designated criteria.

Our foundation was built on safety.

Landstar’s company culture revolves around our commitment to safety. We have strict safety requirements that owner-operators must meet in order to qualify to operate their trucks under contract with Landstar. We also provide ongoing training opportunities to continually support the safety of Landstar’s owner-operators, the customer’s freight and the motoring public.

Every independent agency in the Landstar network designates an employee as a safety officer. Each Landstar safety officer (LSO) is responsible for supporting the company’s safety initiatives by providing education, training and awareness programs to their agencies and customers. One of these programs, Mutual Understanding of Safety Together (M.U.S.T), focuses on bringing together Landstar’s safety team, freight agencies and customers to create safety solutions that address unique customer situations. Shippers know their freight is in good hands when working with a transportation provider that always puts safety first.

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