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Star of Quality Awards - November and December 2021

When independent Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents go above and beyond, their efforts are recognized with Landstar’s Star of Quality award.

Each month, deserving BCOs and agents earn Landstar’s Star of Quality Award for the outstanding efforts they make every day. Our thanks and praise to these members of the Landstar network, who represent the best in the freight transportation industry.

If you would like to nominate a Landstar agent or BCO for a Star of Quality Award, please email

Congratulations to the Landstar Star of Quality Award winners in November and December!


Edward Gonzalez, Joseph A. McElroy, Todd M. Penner, Leonard R. Deromo*, Ben Easters*, David Michael Hawkins*, Anthony Joubert*, James H. Kelly*, Leslie Remo*, Anthony B. Fowler*, Ronald C. Haddan*

*Recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Gregg Boss, Todd C. Conner, Tina Marie Davenport, Jason A. Deaver, Gregory Dempsey, Abdi H. Farah, Rebecca J. Heck, Ruben L. Hernandez, Joseph Paul Jackman, Raymond Lee, Michael L. Markee, Roger Dale Miles, Brenda Joyce Ortiz, Louis Stephen Salzarulo, Lowell E. Spears Jr., Dinise Stevens, Jay E. Stuart, Steven Lyn Sullivan Jr., James Kent Whitt, Rosa Marie Whitt, Melanie M. Wilson


Daniel W. Akins, Saleh Mahdi Al Akashi, Montrell J. Alexander, Manuel Arce, Mirsad Bajramovic, Steven Keith Ballard, Daniel Thomas Black, Eric John Blakeman, Robert Atanasoff Boncheff Sr., Dennis James Burrow, Yadier Castro, Chad Michael Chaumont, Quenton Emanuel Cheeley, Christopher Michael Clark, Kevin N. Compton, Jorge Alberto Cota Fregozo, Alfonso Suarez Cruz Jr., Brian Anthony De La Rosa, Doyle Denison, Antonio Ortega Dominguez, Juan Duran, Charles Eakins, Roger Alan Eisaman, James J. Eldridge Jr., Sherman Eshelman, Jose Armando Figueroa, James Robert Fisher, Robert W. Flagg, Sylvester R. Fleming, Dorsett T. Ford, Cesar Augusto Garcia Jr., Hector Garcia, Gerardo Gonzalez Garza, Jasper Dewayne Gatlin, Edward R. Gomez, Jesse R. Griffin, Marc Guerin, Kevin Bernard Handford, Richard Allen Harrison, James Heilig, Emigdio Hernandez Jr., Alfredo Herrera, Carl W. Hitch, Barry Lee Huffman, Felix L. Johnson, Evens Joseph, Gaylene Kenosky, Michael Gene Lala, Riberto Leyva, Vicki L. Lively, Windell L. Lively, Eric Charles Long, Peter D. Marcinak, Richard E. McPherson, Michael Calmore Miley, Daniela Sigrid Pettus, William Pratt, William B. Ragland, Harry Rodriguez Ortiz, Pedro Juan Rodriguez, Rolando Rodriguez, Jonathan Rummey, Keith Allan Safin, Abdiqaadir Yuusuf Samat Sr., Narcis Sarajlic, Eugene Anthony Sayles, Michael Scoggin, Jose C. Segura, Jennifer J. E. Shore, Emilio Sisca, Deangelo Marquet Smith, Torren Demaris Smith, Byran Keith Speigner, Roger Moore Steels, Rocky L. Stonecypher, Trevor Louis Sweet, Davonda Thomas, Robert J. Twyman, Eduardo Villalvazo, Charles E. Waits, Keron Walker, Terry Edward Wayman, Jennifer Sue Williams, John David Williams, Kenneth E. Williams, Christopher Robert Winters, Shoul A. Wren, Bakary Christopher Wyles, Richard O. Yates



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