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Under Pressure: The Benefits of TPMS

The FMCSA cites poorly maintained tire pressure as one of the top 10 potentially fatal risks involved with operating a commercial motor vehicle. To increase safety and security on the road, Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) are turning to technology to monitor their truck and trailer tire pressure while on the go.

“The last thing you want is to be leaking air going up a mountain,” says Landstar BCO Andy Johnson who team drives with his wife Myrian and manages a fleet of four trucks. Johnson says the system in his trucks gives him peace of mind. “Wireless tire pressure monitoring systems give advanced warning if you’re losing pressure. It is a very important safety net for every truck in my fleet.”

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are not a new trucking technology, however, recent advancements to existing TPMS technologies are making it easier for owner-operators to track tire pressures.

“These technologies are decreasing risks for independent owner-operators,” says Landstar Transportation Logistics Vice President of Safety and Compliance Mike Cobb. “They assist a safe driver, making them even safer behind the wheel.”

Pressure monitoring systems are designed to be a driver’s second eye, continually monitoring truck and trailer tire inflation. Aside from peace of mind on the road, TPMS have become a valuable part of a driver’s daily operations.

“The systems are extremely accurate. They make our pre- and post-trip inspections easier. They make our jobs easier,” says Landstar BCO Nick Marcu who team drives with his wife Jennifer. “Our model has a wireless digital display that shows us up-to-the-second tire pressure and a temperature reading.”

The Benefits of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

  • Road safety – TPMS keep a continuous eye on tire inflation for maximum safety.
  • Increased MPG – Driving with under-inflated tires burns more fuel. Properly inflated tires lead to maximum miles per gallon.
  • Increased vehicle value – TPMS can add value to your vehicle as a feature that saves on operation costs.
  • Better insurance rates – Because of the safety factor, some insurance companies offer lower premiums for trucks with TPMS.

For more information about tire pressure monitoring systems available through the Landstar Contractor Purchasing Program (LCAPP), contact the LCAPP approved tire vendors listed on



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