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Unlocking Heavy/Specialized Success

Al Reisman, Landstar EVP Specialized Freight Services
Al Reisman, Landstar Executive Vice President of Specialized Freight Services

Navigating heavy/specialized transportation can be complex, just like the loads themselves. Managing shipments outside one's usual routine, or comfort zone, can require additional information.

Understanding this field – more specifically, the key factors that contribute to heavy/specialized success – is crucial for smooth freight transportation. For shippers less familiar with securing transport of oversized or overweight freight, here are some elements to become acquainted with:

The Role of Equipment

When it comes to moving over-dimensional cargo, the importance of equipment cannot be understated. Find a carrier with a range of specialized trailers designed to transport massive structures with unconventional shapes or configurations.

Multi-axle trailers evenly distribute weight for stability, making them ideal for heavy haulage. They utilize specific axle configurations to spread cargo weight and comply with road and bridge capacity limits. Double drop trailers, on the other hand, feature a single lower section with raised front and rear sections, providing stability for tall products.

Work with the carrier or freight agent to find the right piece of equipment for the freight.

Carrier Commitment

Selecting the right carrier for the shipment is not as simple as finding a carrier with a truck and specialized trailer for the lowest cost; it's about aligning with transportation professionals who have a vested interest in and a proven track record of safely and reliably moving cargo that’s too tall, wide or heavy for standard shipping.

Additionally, don’t discount the value of experience. Carriers with truck operators who have years of experience securing and transporting over-dimensional freight bring an irreplaceable wealth of knowledge. The cargo is in adept hands from pickup to delivery.

Put simply, reputable heavy/specialized carriers emphasize safety, thereby reducing the likelihood that accidents or freight damage may happen. Protect the freight by selecting a carrier with decades of proven success.

The Right Network

When choosing a heavy/specialized carrier, it's crucial to assess if the carrier has a team experienced in moving the unique cargo at hand. For example, Landstar excels with its comprehensive network of skilled owner-operators and agents focused on customer service and adaptability, in addition to its array of equipment. Landstar’s capabilities place it as the largest, and one of the safest, heavy/specialized carriers in North America.

Obtaining the appropriate permits and planning correct routes are essential for transporting heavy/specialized loads due to varying regulations on size across states, counties and cities. Some locations may require a police escort, while others do not. 

Landstar has staff members who work with freight agents and owner-operators on planning routes and pulling the correct permits and escorts for each load. Thus, customers feel confident that their freight will not only be transported correctly, but that they have access to a full network of solution-oriented individuals in one place.

When it comes to moving freight that is over-dimensional or overweight requiring specialized moves and excellence in every shipment, trust leading carriers with the right equipment, the right experience, and the right commitment to customized solutions.

Tap into the experience and expertise of the Landstar network and get your next project moving.

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