Landstar Safety Officer

Landstar requires each of its approximately 1,100 independent agencies to name an individual responsible for upholding the safety-first culture. The designated Landstar Safety Officer (LSO) promotes safe, secure and compliant driving, participates in the network-wide monthly Safety Thursday Conference Call and supports customer safety initiatives. Landstar recognizes one LSO each month, from which the Landstar Safety Officer of the Year is selected.

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LSO Of The Year Tammy Clark

M.U.S.T. Program

The Mutual Understanding of Safety Together (M.U.S.T.) program is a collaboration between Landstar employees, agencies and customers to formulate the safest logistics solutions. Extensive tours of customers’ facilities are conducted followed by discussion and analysis of safety and securement practices. Each year, customers are nominated to receive the M.U.S.T. Customer of the Year Award. 

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Safety Thursday & Field Safety Meetings

Since 1991, Landstar executives have hosted a nationwide Safety Thursday Conference Call on the third Thursday of every month to discuss safety topics with agents, owner-operators, customers, employees and invited guests, like law enforcement officers, key industry participants and representatives from state and federal industry regulators. Landstar field safety officers and other employees hold dozens of safety meetings each year throughout the United States and Canada to review and discuss safety-related best practices with agents, BCOs and customers.

Million Mile Safe Drivers / Roadstar® Honors

Some of the safest owner-operators in the industry are leased on with Landstar. Our fleet includes 1,090 independent Million Mile Safe Drivers and Landstar Roadstar® honorees. Each has driven at least 1 million consecutive miles with Landstar without a preventable accident.

Safe Equipment

Landstar’s emphasis on equipment compliance has led to our reputation as one of the safest companies in the industry. Landstar requires all trucks and trailing equipment leased from a BCO (owner-operator) to be inspected every 120 days at a Landstar-approved facility, which is more frequent than industry standards and what’s required by law.

In 2017, Landstar made the decision to outfit with reinforced rear-underride guards all new company purchases of over-the-road van trailers operating in our fleet throughout the United States and Canada. Reinforced rear-underride guards are designed to provide greater protection to the driving public in the event of an accident at the rear of the trailer. Since 2018, 100% of the new over-the-road van trailers acquired by Landstar have had reinforced rear-underride guards. The following chart shows the number of van trailers with reinforced rear-underride guards in our fleet as of the end of each year:

Landstar Van Trailers with Reinforced Rear-Underride Guards

Safety Accolades

Landstar’s safety culture is regularly recognized by members of the transportation community. Recent examples include:

  • Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) 2023 Transportation Fleet Safety Award: Landstar Transportation Logistics received the fleet safety recognition for having the lowest accident frequency rate in the over 100 million miles category.

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