Oxford, Wisconsin Trucker is Landstar Regional Safe Truck Driving Champion

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May 9, 2000 Jacksonville, FL - Landstar business capacity owner (BCO) Art Ford of Oxford, Wisconsin outmaneuvered seven others to earn the title of Landstar 2000 Regional Safe Truck Driving Champion. David Yancy, Senior earned second place and Frank Beltran took third. The course, set up at a Landstar regional office in Dallas, Texas, is the second of seven regional competitions being held this year nationwide. The three regional winners will go on to compete in Landstar's National Safe Truck Driving Championships in Jacksonville, Florida, in October.

"The competition was tough," said Ford, who placed second in the regionals last year and third the year before that. "I just like the challenge." Ford has been a professional truck operator for 26 years and a Landstar BCO for 10 years.

Landstar Chairman, President and CEO, Jeff Crowe said Ford and his competitors exemplify Landstar's commitment to safety. "We're proud to be associated with professionals like Art, who practice safe driving practices every day," said Crowe. "We appreciate all the competitors and their safe approach to everything they do."

The championship obstacle course, part of Landstar's extensive safety program, tests precision driving skills, including right turns, alley docking, off-set alley lane changing, scale positioning, distance perception and straight line driving. The competition also includes a pre-trip inspection test. Drivers must also follow standard Landstar safety policy. Contestants can be disqualified for failure to wear a seatbelt or jumping out of the truck instead of following the three-point stance when exiting.

"Business capacity owners like Art are put to the test daily, under increasingly difficult travel conditions," said Crowe. "Their safe driving skills are a true testament to their professionalism and commitment to keeping our roads safe."

The term business capacity owner refers to a Landstar independent contractor who operates a small business and provides the equipment necessary to haul freight. Ford and his wife, Linda, work as a team. She earned her CDL and joined him on the road 10 years ago. The couple has been married 37 years.

In October, the winners will compete against the other regional winners in the national competition, which will be held in conjunction with Landstar Appreciation Days at the company's orientation center in St. Augustine, Florida. National winners drive off with laptop computers and trophies.

All Landstar truck operators are invited to test their skills in the regional competitions. The next one is set for May 20th, in Toledo, Ohio.

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