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A Show Stopping Load

Transportation of corporate event freight.Leading manufacturer of energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems, Daikin Applied Americas Inc., offers its customers the solutions that matter most. When it comes to assuring the company’s Innovation Roadshow is in perfect condition during its annual tour of North America, Daikin Applied relies on Landstar. The showcase tells the story of Air Intelligence™ and the advanced technology Daikin delivers to create superior quality air. This high tech portfolio can’t be entrusted to just anyone.

“We started running products for this customer more than 30 years ago. We still have their advertising brochure from 1998 in our office,” says Bobby Schlieske, independent Landstar agent at Bestway Inc. (MIN). “Success over the years inspired Daikin to have a state-of-the-art show trailer manufactured to showcase products for the company’s Innovation Roadshow.”

Daikin Applied’s new traveling trailer of technology includes unique hydraulic “wings” that expand to create a showroom floor, filled with hands-on experiences for Daikin customers. The significant capital investment required more logistics, technology and maintenance expertise to ensure the program’s flawless execution. So, when the company started planning the trailer tour, the director of corporate events, Dawn Reynolds, called on her trusted business relationship with Bestway Inc.

“For as long as I can remember, Bobby and his team have been an instrumental partner in the success of the roadshow,” says Reynolds. “They never say no. They are always there to help us find the solution to meet our needs.”

After planning the logistics for 42 stops of the trailer’s tour, Bestway Inc. Director of Operations Renetta Diede set out to find a business capacity owner (BCO) for the innovative trailer haul. Diede turned to Landstar BCO John Swangstue.

“John has a background in transporting show equipment and fine art. Both skills make him a great fit for the job,” says Diede. “We needed a specialized BCO for the haul, one who could haul the trailer and be part of the Daikin’s tour team.”

Swangstue, who leased to Landstar in 2014, says it didn’t take long for him to master the trailer’s technical setup. “A lot goes into the trailer set up. It is labor intensive, but for every stop on the tour, I went the extra mile to make sure the customer was satisfied. I learned everything about the trailer and its air intelligence showcase for Daikin customers.”

Originally Bestway Inc. planned to alternate BCOs to cover the half-year haul for its customer, but Daikin was so pleased with Swangstue’s professionalism they requested he stay on the tour for all 42 stops.

“Landstar BCO John Swangstue is the perfect match for the roadshow. He has a perfectionism that is off the charts,” says Reynolds. “Having John there creates an added value at each stop. He didn’t just haul the trailer. He acted as one of the leads for the setup and maintenance, and we relied on John to ensure the quality of the roadshow.”

For that excellence, Bestway Inc. nominated Swangstue for a Landstar Star of Quality, an honor awarded to BCOs, agents and carriers who show continued excellence in service.

“John was involved with Daikin’s employees, sales representatives and customers at each of these events,” says Diede. “The customer specifically requested John to stay on the tour because of his excellent service, attention to detail and showmanship.”

“I’ve never been thanked as much in my life as I have been by the professionals with Daikin,” says Swangstue. “I’m excited they’ve requested me to haul the trailer again in 2019. It really is an honor.”

Daikin’s 2019 Innovation Roadshow rolls out again in May. To nominate a Landstar BCO, Agent or carrier for a Star of Quality Award email



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