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Climbing To the Top

Advice From Those Who’ve Made It

Money isn’t the only indicator that your business is successful. Longevity, awards and a work-life balance also can be a part of an entrepreneur’s story. At Landstar, independent freight agents who are named to Landstar’s Chief Executive Circle (CEC) are similar in that they made it to the top, but they climbed many different ladders to get there.

The agents in the CEC have generated a minimum of $40 million in Landstar revenue over 10 or more consecutive years. Agents recognized as CEC Gold Level inductees have generated a minimum of $125 million in Landstar revenue and have been a part of the Landstar network for at least 15 consecutive years.

In 2021, Landstar named 18 agents to the CEC Class of 2020 and six agents as Gold Level honorees. According to these top-tier entrepreneurs, the steps toward success can include everything from surrounding yourself with smart people to sheer determination.

CEC Class of 2020 - Gold Level 

Allen Dennis, Rebel Trans, Inc., Wyoming, Michigan
The Key to my Success:
“I surround myself with brilliant people. My staff truly does a great job of keeping owner-operators and customers happy.”

Kirk and Kellie Peine, Freightmeister, Inc., Concord, Ohio
The Key to our Success:
“Being available 24/7, along with knowing the market value per load.”

John Perryman, John Perryman Agency, Gravette, Arkansas
The Key to my Success:
“Hard work and honesty.”

Brad Shirley, S & S Express, Lumberton, Texas
The Key to my Success:
“Hard work and good employees who are dedicated to their jobs and the success of the company.”

Joe Van Duzer, J & C Logistics, Inc., Carrollton, Texas
The Key to my Success:
“Communication, determination, and a passion for the company, our customers, and the team. Plus, dreaming big.”

Gold Level also includes:

Tony LaTorre, Total Logistics Services, LLC, Huntsville, Alabama

CEC Class of 2020

Bill Allen, HBA HBW, LLC, Jacksonville, Florida
The Key to my Success:
“Building a strong team that cares about the service we provide.”

Susan Dhillon, Haulrite Logistics, Inc., Clovis, California
Most Valuable Career Advice:
“Continue to grow in all that you do!”

Leroy Eifler, Joshua Pratt and Ernest Marks, FWF Logistics, LLC, Houston, Texas
The Key to our Success:
“Recognizing opportunities.”

Jorge Farinhas, Farinhas Logistics, Northampton, Pennsylvania
Most Valuable Career Advice:
“Learn something new every day.”

Allen Griffith, Patriot Global Solutions Corp., Ocean City, Maryland
The Key to my Success:
“Exceeding customer expectations.”

Robert Harbin, Holeshot Logistics, Marshall, Michigan
The Key to my Success:
“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. You should NEVER be the smartest one in the room.”

Larry Hitchcock, Complete Transport Solutions, LLC, Loveland, Ohio
The Key to my Success:
”Finding customers who are looking for partners, not just a trucking company. Moving freight is easy, developing long-lasting relationships will drive success over time.”

Larry Hoenig, Hoenig’s Transportation, Ft. Madison, Iowa
Most Valuable Career Advice:
“I was told if you can’t buy your kid an ice cream cone, there’s something wrong. I can!”

Michael Marden, Romar Logistics, Inc., Chicago, Illinois
The Key to my Success:
“Having good people, working together towards one goal.”

Mark McLochlin, Clearwater Logistics, South Bend, Indiana
The Key to my Success:
“Integrity, transparency, commitment and follow-through.”

Jim Meaney, J M Rose, Inc., Cypress, Texas
Most Valuable Career Advice:
“Do the best you can, always be available and honest, and always treat the drivers with respect and recognition.”

Mike Mizarek, CAK Logistic Services, Ltd., North Canton, Ohio
Most Valuable Career Advice:
“Stay focused on providing solutions to clients and meeting their expectations.”

Sharon Paquin, Cuebitz, LLC, Manchester, Connecticut
Most Valuable Career Advice:
“My father, who also was a business owner, once said to me, ‘You can’t get rich working for someone else’ and it stuck.”

Hector Quintanar, QHE Logistics, Inc., Austin, Texas
Most Valuable Career Advice:
“Go back to school to improve your skills. English, business strategies, supervision skills, etc. Never stop learning.”

William and Mary-Anne Sullivan, WJS Logistics, LLC, Southbury, Connecticut
The Key to our Success:
“The road to success is not a straight path and every mistake is actually a teachable moment. We’re always evolving to keep pace with market trends, technology, and serving our customers’ needs.”

Other Members of the CEC Class of 2020 include:

Ray Hicks, Jeral, Inc., Simi Valley, California

Andy and Lesa Showers, PALS Freight Services, LLC, Allen, Texas

Brian Weiss, Premier Distribution, Inc., Naples, Florida



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