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Habits of Successful Salespeople

Successful sales professionals seem to have several shared personality traits and work habits. Landstar's top agents definitely support that theory. Comments by some of Landstar's 2017 CEO Circle inductees are prime examples of how Landstar's independent sales agents put these habits into play every day.

1. Actively listen – Sales people may like to hear themselves talk, but real pros know how to actively listen to understand the needs of the customer.

Linda Davis, LCD Logistics, Inc. (LCD) – “I always respond to my customers with honesty and integrity. And we solve their problems.”

2. Give their full attention – The best salespeople give customers their undivided attention.  They don’t rush off the phone or out of a meeting with an existing customer or prospect.

Doug Chappelear, Romeo Express Inc. (SJX) – “We treat our customers, both large and small as the most important person, because they are.”

3. Seek opportunities everywhere –Successful people know that opportunities are everywhere, they just need to be sought out.

Robby Stewart*, Premiere Logistics Inc. (CDN) – “When opportunity comes we have a plan and the skill to win business.”

Bob Carlson & Paul Borra, Cargo Net Transportation Inc. (SJV) – “We are always open to new ideas and keep looking for new ways to overcome obstacles.”

4. Plan – Planning always makes for a better day. Whether it’s planning sales tactics or planning goals, successful salespeople always have a plan in place.

Jim Stelts, 2 AJ Rigging LLC. (HVY)   “The nature of our business doesn’t allow us to plan our days necessarily, so we have to plan to be prepared for anything that comes along. My team knows how to improvise and adapt to every situation.”

5. Focus on what matters – The hardest thing to do is to decide what to spend time and attention on. The best salespeople only spend time focusing on things that get them closer to their goals.

David Smugala, Logistics Network Management (SL2) – “Always keep selling, don’t get complacent.” 

6. Learn from mistakes – Successful people recognize they need to learn from their mistakes and never make the same mistake twice.

Timothy Batt*, S.A. Freight International, Inc. (GDL) – “I knew I had made it as a Landstar agent when we survived the great recession of 2008.”

7. Help their customers – Being focused on customers’ needs at all times makes a big difference when it comes to protecting the customer and keeping their business.

Randy Owens*, Owens Leasing Inc. (OLI) “I am constantly striving for excellent customer service, that service brings us new opportunities.” 

Ed Molphus, E M Logistics Inc. (OSC) -- “We are successful because of hard work, determination and by constantly meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations.”

8. Move forward and think positive – Those successful in sales focus on opportunities not obstacles, they put positivity first and believe their best days are still to come.

Bob Moudy*, Driven Force Inc. (MAB) “We have a dedicated staff, a great corporate staff and we make sure to always have fun.”

Brian Putzke*, Momentum Transportation (JXY) “My faith, determination and a never give up attitude is what has made me so successful. That’s what I focus on.”

Diane Spencer, Adam Spencer, Alex Spencer, Spencer Boys Transportation Inc. (OZR) - Positivity is a butterfly effect. A positive, results driven attitude gives your customers confidence in you and your team to solve their biggest challenges. 

Each year Landstaar agents representing the industry's best are inducted into the Chief Executive's Circle during the annual agent convention. Each agent of record inducted has generated a minimum of $40 million in Landstar revenue over 10 or more consecutive years. CEC Gold level inductees must have a minimum of 15 consecutive years and $125 million in Landstar revenue.

Source: Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (of which Landstar is a member).

*Gold level inductees



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