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Mile Markers of Success

Landstar System celebrated its 30th anniversary in October 2018. After three decades in business, a glance in the rear view mirror reveals Landstar has passed many significant “mile markers” along the company’s steady course as an industry leader on the road to success.

  1. Landstar was formed in 1988.
  2. Landstar has held a Safety Thursday Conference Call every month since 1991 – that’s 27 years!
  3. Landstar became a publically traded company – listed on NASDAQ in 1993.
  4. Landstar created the term business capacity owner (BCO) to describe the company’s independent truck owner-operators.
  5. Landstar began presenting the Roadstar® honor to BCOs in 1990. Since then, 469 men and women have earned Roadstar status.
  6. Landstar’s Star of Quality Award program, which honors those who go above and beyond, started in 1993. More than 8,000 stars have been awarded to Landstar agents and BCOs.
  7. Since the Landstar Scholarship Fund was created in 1995, 334 students have received a share of $802,000 in funds from Landstar.
  8. Landstar has given away 38 semi-trucks to business capacity owners since 1994.
  9. In 1997, Landstar moved its headquarters to Jacksonville, Florida.
  10. In 1998, Landstar began requiring all owner-operators to become hazmat certified.
  11. Landstar’s award-winning The Road to Success® magazine was first published in 1999.
  12. The “swoosh” around the star in Landstar’s logo represents the road to success.
  13. Landstar introduced the first cellphone accessible load board in the industry in 2000.
  14. The first celebration honoring Million Mile Safe Drivers was a banquet held in 2001.
  15. There are currently 1,060 active Million Mile Safe Drivers at Landstar – that includes two, three and four million mile safe drivers.
  16. In 2003, Landstar celebrated the first independent Landstar agent to exceed $100 million in revenue.
  17. The first Landstar BCO to achieve 4 million safe miles was Jerry Travis. He reached this milestone in 2004.
  18. The BCO Benevolence Fund was founded by Landstar in 2005 to distribute financial assistance to qualified BCOs.
  19. Since its creation, the Landstar BCO Benevolence Fund has provided financial assistance to 388 BCOs.
  20. Landstar Canada was formed in 2007.
  21. More than 55 percent of Landstar’s employees have been with the company for 10+ years.
  22. Landstar has many longtime employees. In fact, the record of 51 years (and counting) is held by Nancy Brown.
  23. Through the military’s Training with the Industry program, each year a captain with the U.S. Army spends 12 months shadowing Landstar’s government services team to learn about commercial logistics.
  24. Landstar created and launched the Landstar Maximizer® mobile app in 2017 to help BCOs find multileg runs.
  25. In 2017, Pricing Tools and Agent Analytics were created and designed to help independent agents grow their Landstar agencies.
  26. 542 independent Landstar agents reached $1+ million in revenue in 2017.*
  27. Landstar opened its state-of-the-art cross-border logistics center in Laredo, Texas, in 2017.
  28. Landstar hauled more than 1,903,000 loads in 2017.*
  29. 2018 - More than 10,000 trucks are provided by BCOs.*
  30. Landstar is a $3.6 billion company – and growing!*

*Information provided is based on Landstar's 2017 Form 10K.



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