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Challenge Solved

How the Landstar Network Simplified a Complex International Project

Fleming Electric transformer leaving Port of Houston
Landstar BCO hauls the transformer from the Houston port.

Managing international shipping, heavy haul, or hazmat takes experience and expertise. When you combine all those factors into one project, it can be very complex. These complexities were leading to long timelines and headaches for Peter Fleming, owner of Fleming Electric, a U.S.-based electrical contractor that sources transformers for large-scale development projects. Fleming procured a transformer from a manufacturer in Argentina to be shipped from Argentina to his client’s location in the U.S. Fleming worked on managing the shipment in-house, but realized it was time to look for additional expertise to help him achieve a more efficient solution.

The Challenge

The project was multifaceted: move a nearly 200,000 pound transformer from production in Argentina nearly 430 miles by truck to the port in Buenos Aries, by ocean freight from Port Buenos Aires to Port Houston, clear it through U.S. customs at the Port of Houston, then transport it by truck thousands of miles within the U.S. to its concrete pad, and set it in place by crane. 

The international shipment had many bottlenecks and hurdles to overcome. The transformer’s size and weight requires special permitting when moving by truck in the U.S. The manufacturing process uses nitrous to fill the transformer to protect it during shipping, which requires a hazmat permit for transport in Argentina and in the U.S. Plus, the size and destination of some of Fleming’s transformer shipments require special route planning. Each transformer is accompanied by one to two flatbeds hauling accessories for the project, and everything has to arrive on time – at the same time – to the job site where the crane will be waiting to lift the transformer into place. 

The Solution – The Landstar Network

Fleming turned to Landstar agent John Henderson to craft a solution for his complex transformer shipments. Henderson has experience in heavy haul transportation, and he partnered with fellow Landstar agent Hal Gagliano for his expertise in international shipping.

The two agents streamlined communication and coordination between the manufacturer and the third-party carrier in Argentina and ensured all regulatory details were met for transport through Argentina, through both ports, and across the U.S. Gagliano’s agency reduced the amount of time spent in port and going through customs by providing accurate customs paperwork before the ship even arrived to the port in Houston where an agency representative was on-site to inspect and document the transformer’s arrival.

Henderson coordinated the heavy haul transportation from the port to the installation location where he was on-site to oversee the unloading with the crane to put the transformer in its permanent location. Henderson improved delivery and installation by identifying potential issues, like recent rain at the delivery site making the ground too soft for the heavy load and resolved the potential delay before delivery.

Working with Landstar took the hassle of coordinating with contractors, paperwork, and logistical planning off the shoulders of Fleming, allowing him to focus on his clients and securing new projects. Fleming was able to earn new business for future transformer shipments because the now-streamlined process established with Landstar enables him to give a more accurate delivery timeline to his potential clients and lay out what the project would look like – start to finish.

Shippers have access to Landstar’s network of independent freight agents and capacity providers with a wide range of experience and areas of expertise. Agents work together seamlessly through the support of Landstar to provide solutions to even the most complex projects. Every project is different and presents unique challenges. Through the Landstar network, we can find the right people with the right skills to manage every step of your project.

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