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The Transition to Freight Agency Ownership

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Leaving a job to start a company is a high risk/high reward decision. For those transportation and logistics professionals who have been toying with the idea of entrepreneurship, there are some points to take into consideration to help make the right choices.

When is the best time to open a freight agency?

There’s never a wrong time to plan for the future and take steps to advance a career.

Many freight agents make the transition into entrepreneurship when they feel stagnant with their current employers, have limited growth opportunities, or believe they could be subject to a restructuring or reorganization by their employer. More than anything, transportation professionals open up freight agencies when they are ready to take their career into their own hands and become their own boss.

The transition into agency ownership is easier for those seasoned professionals who have built relationships in the industry and have the support of an experienced agent-based transportation provider.

How do successful freight agents run their businesses?

Every business owner will run his or her business differently - there is no secret to running a successful operation. Entrepreneurs are diligent, hard-working and driven. As long as those qualities are ingrained, anything is possible.

However, choosing a reliable, reputable logistics and transportation company to operate under can make running a successful freight agency even easier. A well-known brand can help new entrepreneurs get their foot in the door with potential customers and gain the confidence they need to sell their services. Plus, the support from a company’s broad transportation network can make all the difference to the growth of a freight agency.

What kind of support should a freight agent expect from the company they align with?

The company a freight agent chooses to align with should have a business model built to help the agency flourish and feel completely supported. Look for a company that:

  • Is connected to a large capacity network allowing freight agents to offer their customers a full suite of transportation modes and services using a variety of equipment
  • Allows freight agents to set their own priorities but never feel alone
  • Has unlimited earning potential
  • Provides back-office administration
  • Has a good reputation
  • Is financially stable

The company also should provide advanced technology to its agents to help them run their businesses effectively and deliver the best transportation solutions for customers. Systems that help position resources, manage staff, develop quotes quickly, and operate remotely are tools every freight agent should have access to. Without this level of support, it’s time to look elsewhere.

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